Sunday School 10am

MEN’S CLASS: DVD courses from Ligonier Ministries with R.C.Sproul,Derek Thomas, Albert Mohler,Jr.,Steven Lawson, Sinclair Ferguson and Robert Godfrey.   Meets in FLC Classroom

LEADERS: Randy Byrum and Roger Dye


Currently studying the Book of Job.  Meets in FLC

TEACHERS: Steve Gatlin and Bruce Harris

FAITH BUILDERS (formerly known as “the Upper Room”) Couples and Singles class, rotates teaching. Meets on 2nd floor of Sanctuary building

SHARED WALK for young married couples with or without small children.  Applying Scripture to everyday life. Discussion of problems faced by young families in the world today. Meets in FLC classroom off of Kitchen

TEACHERS:Jon Valentine and Josh Parrish

SENIOR AND JUNIOR HIGH School Students 6th to 12th grade.

Practicing Practical Christianity in today’s world. Meets upstairs FLC

TEACHERS: Randy Ransom  

MIDDLERS 3rd-5th grade students

Great Commission Publications:”Show Me Jesus” Fall: Worshiping God: the joys and duties of worship. Meets upstairs FLC

TEACHERS: Mattie Snipes

PRIMARIES K- 2nd grade students

Great Commission Publications: “Show Me Jesus”  Fall: Living Together: Stories from Genesis Meets upstairs FLC

TEACHERS: Harriett Allen and Becky Dye

NURSERY is available for Sunday School and Worship Service

Meets downstairs in the Sanctuary building