Tirzah ARP Church is seeking a Youth Director

We are seeking a Youth Director to fulfill the job description below. 

If you are interested in being considered, please submit your resume to tirzahjob@gmail.com

Job Description

Tirzah ARP Church

Youth Director-- Job Description


Position Purpose: The Youth Director is to be the primary shepherd for all youth (grades 1 through 12).   The Youth Director will develop, supervise and deliver age appropriate programs for the youth population of the church in a manner that fulfills the mission and purpose of the body of Christ. 

Supervision: The Youth Director serves under the supervision of the CE Committee and the Senior Pastor. 

Minimum Qualifications:  Must be a devout Christian with an active and maturing relationship with Christ.  He/she must be in agreement with the standards of the ARP church and must possess a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Bible.  Bachelor's degree preferred.

The Youth Director shall possess organizational and communication skills necessary to motivate and give direction to the youth and youth volunteers, equipping them to effectively implement the work of the ministry.  The Youth Director must be able to work well with others and to motivate, inspire and encourage a volunteer force of teachers and workers.  

Ministry Responsibilities:


  • Be an active, participating member of the A.R.P. denomination.
  • Participate in leading children’s sermon during worship services when requested. 
  • Attend Sunday School, worship services and other church events.

Youth Programs:

  • Oversight. Provide complete oversight, supervision and planning for all youth curriculum and programming.  This shall include but not be limited to: 
    • Spending thoughtful time in prayer developing a clear vision for the program;
    • Sharing the vision of the youth program with the youth, the CE Committee and the Senior Pastor in a manner that invites mutual understanding and exchange of ideas;
    • Developing an organized, goal-oriented plan designed to achieve the goals/vision of the church.
    • Building, encouraging and maintaining a spiritually healthy and strong base of support (consisting of youth, parents and church volunteers) that is committed to accomplishing the goals and vision the Lord has planned for the youth program.       
    • Facilitate, along with senior pastor, the Child Protection Program.
  • Relational Ministry. Invest significant time building and maintaining personal, lasting relationships with the youth. (For example: visit homes, attend school events, make hospital visits, etc.) This also includes being aware of current youth development and culture. Remain connected and support students that have graduated moved on to college.
  • Events. Incorporate a variety of creative ministry opportunities (retreats, youth camps, mission trips, discipleship groups, outreach/service teams, etc.) designed to achieve the ministry vision.  Strive to continue participation in existing ministry traditions supported by the church, including but not limited to: Appalachian Service Trips; Bonclarken retreats; VBS. 
  • Planning. As much as possible, pre-schedule activities in their entirety, including post-activity plans and publish notice of the same to staff, parents and youth in a timely fashion.  When using church buildings/resources, be sure to reserve and/or coordinate use of the same with the other staff and in a manner that does not conflict with other activities on the church calendar.  Assure proper care of church buildings/ resources.
  • Meetings. Organize and lead regularly scheduled youth group meetings.  
  • Parents. Develop effective relationships with parents/guardians; foster open lines of communication; and encourage their participation in the youth program.
  • Integration.  Seek to integrate student programs into all phases of church life in a manner that supports the overall vision and mission of the church and that encourages interaction with the church congregation. 
  • Cooperation. When possible, seek to build and maintain a healthy relationship with other area Christian Churches as well as student and youth programs so as to encourage community involvement and support.
  • Church Staff.  Build and maintain good relationships with the church staff and work cooperatively to foster a unified, team approach to the ministry of the youth.  Where duties overlap—work cooperatively to share ideas and resources.  Work collaboratively to anticipate and prevent potential programming conflicts and to effectively manage critical transition periods in a manner that is best for the youth.


  • Be an advisor member of the CE Committee and attend all meetings. Plan/present regular updates on the status of the youth activities and programs.
  • Establish, publish and maintain regular office hours at the church.
  • Attend all staff meetings.
  • Review and discuss annual job performance evaluation with session.

Continuing Education/Personal Growth: Attend selected conferences and/or educational events as determined by the Senior Pastor and/or CE Committee.


Salary shall be determined on an annual basis as approved by the session and shall be determined in accordance with the financial ability of the church and the experience level of the director.

Medical insurance coverage is negotiable 

Workman’s compensation insurance is fully covered. 

Vacation:  2 weeks of annual vacation.