Our Pastors

Andy Putnam is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and Erskine Theological Seminary. He has served as our Senior Pastor since 2003 . He also serves as the denominational parliamentarian and on several committees for the presbytery.

Garison Taylor is our Associate Pastor. A graduate of Erskine College and Seminary.  He loves to cook, run, read, and spend time hiking around in the woods with his family. 

2018 Sessional Committees

Tirzah has four committees that operate out of the Session. These committees are responsible for the different ministries and outreach opportunities of our church. Below are the 2018 committees.

For Questions, Suggestions, Comments please contact a representative from the committee.

  • Worship

    The worship committee is tasked with overseeing the Worship of Sunday morning service though "reverent worship, prayer, music and praise."  They are also tasked with overseeing special services such as  Homecoming, Christmas Eve, Easter Sunrise service.

    Elder Representatives: Randy Ransom (Chair), Mike Copeland, Brian Lahr

    Deacon Representatives: Jeff Rhodes

    At Large Members: Susie Monroe

     (advisory: Rodney Klinger)

  • Christian Education

    The Christian Education committee is tasked with the oversight of Sunday School, Wednesday Night, Youth and Children's Ministries and Vacation Bible School.  This includes oversight of curricular  used,  training of teachers, and facilitating spiritual development outside of Sunday Morning Worship.

    Elder Representatives: Jay Matthews, Jason Nettles, Hugh Gladden

    Deacon Representatives: Pat Crump

    At Large Members Melanie Matthews,

    Rhonda Crump (SS Super. advisory)

  • Outreach

    The Outreach Committee is tasked with oversight of encouraging the church family and making the community aware of Tirzah A.R.P. Church.  They are in charge of outreach (i.e. Mission opportunities and trips), Visitor Welcome, Community Presence, Congregation fellowship.

    Elder Representatives:  Todd Moon (Chair), David Adams, Cecil Pruette,

    Deacon Representatives: Cam Good

    At Large Members:  Judy Herron, Hannah Bass

  • Sports

    The Sports committee oversee the athletic ministry of Tirzah A.R.P. 

    Basketball in the winter. Softball in the spring and summer.  We welcome  players from the community to join us in these activities.

    Elder Representatives: Tommy Crump, Roger Dye, Scott Good

    Deacon Representatives: Gary Tomlin

    At Large Members: Yvonne Adams, Nancy Lahr