Class of 2018

     Mike Copeland

     Scott Good

     Cecil Pruette

Class of 2019

     Randy Ransom

     Todd Moon

     Tommy Crump

     Jason Nettles

Class of 2020

     Roger Dye

     Jay Matthews

Class of 2021


Class of 2018

     Ronnie Adams

     Heath Dickson

     Jimmy Garrison

     Mike Lee

     Neely Sexton

Class of 2019

     Jimmy Matthews

     Jeff Rhodes

     Johnny Williams

     Sam Williams

Sessional Committees

Each committee is made up of members of the Session (Elders), Diaconate (Deacons), a representative of the Women of the Church, and members at large.  Most committees meet once a month to discuss different aspects of their ministry area.

  • Worship

  • Christian Education

  • Outreach/Mission's

  • Sports